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Meat grinder blade and other partsProfessional manufacturers

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The big advantage
jia tian fuli powder metal 6 major advantages

Advanced equipment

advanced equipment

Company has strong technical strength,From Japan/The United States and other countries of the technology,With advanced production equipment、Testing instrument and management mechanism,There are automatic powder machine15And high temperature sintering furnace and other advanced equipment。

Technical advantage

Technical advantages

Companies on-the-job employees have more than 10 years of industry experience,Bao arrived in Japan、Pu and Japan、Taiwan enterprises engaged in design development and production management,Have more than ten years of experience in gear design!

Product advantage

Product advantages

The company has formed by powder compacting、Metal powder injection molding,Electric tool industry structure in the field of gear box, etc,With the world500Strong business cooperation

Strict testing

strict inspectlon

The company has a line of advanced detection equipment,Gear tooth profile measuring instrument、Vickers hardness tester、 Rockwell hardness tester、5TStrength tester、2.5Dimensional projector,To ensure the product quality strictly。

Quality management

quality managemenf

The company's products throughISO9001:2000The international quality management system certification,To optimize the manufacturing process,To improve the quality of process monitoring,Recommend the digital management。

Service advantages

service advantage

The company all in"Ready to every customer"The aim of the,Unremitting efforts,In the pursuit of excellence、The concept of continuous innovation to serve the customers!

About Tian Fuli powder metal

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XinYi city jia Tian Fuli powder hardware co., LTD

XinYi city jia Tian Fuli powder hardware co., LTD(Hardware factory is a former XinYi city jia Tian Fuli powder)Is a company specializing in the production of powder metallurgy helical gear,Bevel gear,Bevel gear,Worm gear and worm deceleration motor,Folding machine and worm gear,Meat grinder cutter blade,Custom make all kinds of precision gear box, and other components of the professional manufacturers。 The factory in guangdong province XinYi city, east town, north logic,Cover an area of an area1Million square meters,The construction area6Thousands of square meters。Used to be a state giants,The equipment is complete,The transportation is convenient。Ever since1998Since in the restructuring,Production capacity is greatly enhanced,Rapidly improve the economic benefit,And in2013In building factory in dongguan chashan town。The production capacity of1More than one thousand tons,Products are exported to southeast Asia,The Middle East,Europe and the United States and other countries。 Our factory has imported precision automatic mechanical press,Hydraulic press、Plastic machine,Punch、Mesh belt sintering furnace, such as a complete set of production equipment,Also has the largest tonnage of the pearl river delta1000Tons of hydraulic press,...

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contact us

XinYi city jia Tian Fuli powder hardware co., LTD
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